Russian Tourist Visa

Who needs a tourist visa to Russia?

A tourist visa is a document that allows foreigners to travel to Russia as tourists for the purpose of holidays or to participate in events. Such visas are issued for a maximum of 180 days and cannot be extended. A tourist visa is the best option when you know exactly where and how long you will be staying without diverting from your planned itinerary. For a tourist visa to Russia, you must have confirmed accommodation for every night of your stay in the country.

Russian Tourist Single Entry Visa

Documents required for a Russian Tourist Visa

  1. Original Passport (at least 6 months remaining upon exit, 2 clear pages in the passport).
  2. Application form (available online at step 5 of the online order on this website).
  3. 1 passporttype photograph glued on the application form. Important: taken not more than 6 months ago (check with the photo in the passport if it is older than 6 months).
  4. Russian National Tourist Office Booking Form (available online at step 5 of the online order on this website).
  5. Tourist visa support documents (provided by us or by the applicant).
  6. Applicable fee.
  7. Applicants who are self-employed, company directors who are working from home and unemployed people need to provide a copy of bank statements for the last three months which have a current balance of a minimum of £100 per day for the duration of the visit. Please note that if you wish to provide online banking printouts, you must make sure they are certified and stamped by your bank.
  8. Non-UK passport holders may be asked to provide additional documents; you can see the full list of documents on this link:

Supporting documents for a Russian Tourist Visa (Voucher)

  • Tourist voucher and confirmation from a travel agency (or hotel) (valid for a single- and double-entry visa for up to 90 days and for multiple-entry visas for up to 180 days).
  • Booking confirmation from the hotel or a registered tourist accommodation provider (valid for a single-entry visa for the number of dates as per the booking).

The booking confirmation should be signed by an authorised employee of the hotel/accommodation, stamped and should consist of the following:

  1. Title: “Booking confirmation of a hotel”, reference number and the date of issue.
  2. The official name of the hotel, its actual address and registration number in “The unified list of classified hotels, ski slopes and beaches”.
  3. The details of the foreign tourist (last name, forenames, date of birth, gender, citizenship, passport/travel document number).
  4. The dates of arrival and departure from the hotel.
  5. Other information about the conditions of booking (at the discretion of the hotel).

The hotel/accommodation provider can be checked using the registration number of the hotel on this website.